Ben Acker

BEN ACKER & BEN BLACKER are the creative masterminds behind The Thrilling Adventure Hour, a once monthly 'live podcast in the style of old-time radio.' In 2013 Acker & Blacker partnered with Archaia to expand on the show's popularity with a comic anthology, based on segments from the satirical podcast. Acker & Blacker also wrote Deadpool v. Gambit and Thunderbolts for Marvel, as well as a new young adult title, Star Wars: Join the Resistance. In addition to their comic book credits, Acker & Blacker were on staff for the television show Supernatural and wrote episodes for Supah Ninjas.

Books by this Author

Outlaws killed Miranda Coler and her family, but Miranda can't die until she exacts her revenge in this unflinching Western with a supernatural twist.

Miranda Coler lived an unassuming frontier life before her husband and child were killed in front of her, she herself left for dead. Little did the killers know that Miranda is cursed, unable to die until she exacts vengeance against those who have wronged her...

Written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, the creative masterminds behind...